Registering an account

After starting up Puyo Puyo VS, enter a name and password. Your name should contain ascii characters only and make sure to use a secure password. When you try to connect for the first time, you will be prompted to confirm your new account.

A screenshot showing the registration prompt window.

If you receive a message that your password is incorrect, but you have never logged in before, it means the username is already in use. Use a different username instead. Also note that you are allowed to create a maximum of 5 accounts.

Q: Why can't I use unicode, Japanese or a different character set in my username?
A: Players log in from all over the world. They may or may not speak your native language. You are required to fill in a name that is pronouncable (or at least readable) for any PPVS user.

Q: How can I retrieve my password if I lost them?
A: Passwords are securely stored on the server, noone can get to them. There is no reset function, so you will need to ask an admin to delete your account.

How to play friendly matches

If you want to play matches without being rated and/or play with custom rules, challenge someone from the lobby.

A screenshot showing a user being challenged in the Puyo Puyo VS lobby.

To edit the rules, open the settings dialog before challenging. You can challenge up to 10 players simultaneously.

How to play ranked matches

Open the ranked match window from the startup menu or from the matches tab. When the game window opens, wait a while until the server selects an opponent for you. After you play a best-of-x match, you will go back waiting for new opponents. You do not have to close the game window.

How you are ranked

All players are ranked according to the Glicko2 rating system. This system is an extension of the Elo rating system. In a nutshell, the player's strength is determined not only by a single number (the rating), but also by a rating deviation. The rating deviation is a measure for how accurate your rating is. The lower the rating deviation, the more accurate your rating is. The rating deviation will go down when you play a lot and it will go up if you do not play. Please refer to the Glicko website for more details.

The Puyo VS Server implements the Glicko2 rating system with a few small modifications. In the Glicko system players are rated after a rating period (which could be like a day or a week). But in the interest of instant player gratification and easier implementation, the Puyo VS Server rates players after every match. A best-of-x match is played and the match is considered as a rating period. If your rating deviation is too high (more than 150), the server will show your rating as ???. It will take about 10 to 30 games to become a rated player. Your rating deviation will go up if you do not play within 24 hours. It will take about a year for you to revert back to an unrated player.